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Revelation 7

The Hosha’na Of ‘Iyr

So Shines The Light

(Work in progress)


Revelation 1:8

I Am Alpha And Omega,

The Beginning And The Ending,”

saith the Lord, who is, and who was,

and who is to come, the Almighty.


          Who are the 'Iyr?  What is Yahweh fashioning them to be?  What is Yahweh's purpose for them?  What time is it for Man and Angel, what time for Earth and the Heavens?  War in the Second Heaven?  War with the First Ones?  Yahweh, protect and guide Your servants.



Excerpt: Asmodeus, A First One


Asmodeus, panic’s afoot!

They took him down too fast, we’re in trouble!

          Leviathan slams his fist down with such force the heavy wooden table reverberates as if it were a drum, “He’s going to let us die!  He won’t come to our aide, no matter what promise he’s made us!”  He glares around the table, pausing on each of us in turn, then going to the next, making certain we understand the import of his words before he hisses, “I warned you all about him, do you believe me now?!

          I reply calmly, “He is who he is, it’s not a surprise.”

          Leviathan’s eyes bore into mine as he gives me a vicious grin, pulling the corner of his mouth up tight on the right as he growls, “You think you’re not in danger?  Is that it?  You think because your troops are useless as fighters the ‘Iyr will pass you by?”

          “I was buried in the wastelands by Raphael and escaped,” I remind him, “I can take care of myself.”

          His eyes go wide in mock wonder, as he jibes, “I see!  How mighty you are!  You’re so powerful you don’t need any protection, including ours, I presume.”

          “I’m saying nothing will do any good, it’s all been written,” I concede, “It will go as it will, we have no power over it.  I was a fool who came down seeking pleasures, but I never considered Yahweh less as a result of my choices.  Who I am doesn’t change who He is,” I nod at Leviathan, “Isn’t that true for you and all the rest?  Do you doubt Yahweh’s power?”

          Leviathan drops his eyes, admitting, “No.  Just the times.”

          Chuckling I respond, “Time passes, that’s the nature of it.  Times reach their fruition as sure as the sands fall.  All things that have a count come to counting’s end.  How much sand do we have left, is this the ending of our count?  Who can say what time it is?  All we have are signs, and those don’t look very encouraging thus far.”

          “Are you ready for the Bottomless Pit?” Mammon asks, “There’ll be no escaping from there.”

          Thinking about my beautiful creations, I frown as sadness flickers at the edges of my awareness, “I’ll miss my children.  When I’m chained they’ll be no more, their songs will end forever.”

          “The ‘Iyr won’t allow the option of the Bottomless Pit,” Belphegor reminds me, “They took Aamon HaSatan’s head.”

          I shrug, “Nothingness or eternity chained.  If I have a choice, I’ll take nothingness.”

          Leviathan comments quietly, “You’re quite insane, you know.”

          Throwing back my head, I laugh loudly, wondering, “Which of us isn’t?  How much sanity did it take for us to come down into the Earth against Yahweh’s command?  At least we had enough sanity left not to produce Nephilim, or we’d be chained now.”  Lidding my eyes, I focus on him, “So you’re expecting sanity?  Logic I can give, pleasure if you’d like, but I’m short on sanity.”

          Beelzebub asks, “Are you ready for an end?  Are you satisfied with life, with what you have had, is it enough for you?”

          Shaking my head, I reply, “You should know there’s no such thing as ‘enough’.”  Repositioning in my chair, I throw my left leg over its arm and lean half-prone on the other arm as I smile at him, “There comes a time when ‘enough’ doesn’t matter.  Shocking, I know, but truth.  We can kick against the goads or we can accept we have little if any control, Yahweh’s plans will be done no matter what we do.  We all know we’re on borrowed time, outcasts by virtue of our own choices.  Think of the millennia we’ve lived away from the perfection of Heaven, away from the beauty of His love.  We pass the time playing at living, acquiring, pretending to accomplish, but do we really do any of that?  All we do is live through one more day, one more century, one more millennia, yet we are still now as we were in the beginning.  Nothing really changes.”  I narrow my eyes at Leviathan, “Can you justify our existence?  What is our purpose, is it our own?”

          Mammon snorts, “Your logic leaves much to be desired.  I don’t feel like a discussion on philosophy right now,” he snarls a warning at me, “Later either, so stow it.”

          Grinning at him, I comment, “Philosophy?  I’m talking about a terrifying force that’s probably capable of destroying every one of us.  The ‘Iyr are His servants.  Why are they here, now, at this time?”

          Leviathan shoves up from his chair and it makes a loud screech as it slides back, accenting his frustration, “We thought Lucifer was our problem, all we needed was control and we could gain our freedom.  Simpletons all.  We aspire to claiming his throne, yet how can we do that if it comes we can’t even best an army of half-humans?  They’re not even immortal!" he throws his hands up in disgust, "If I want insane, I’ll go with that, that is truly insane!”

          Making a breathy sigh, I consider, “What is Man?  We play with them like they’re toys, of no consequence, disposable.  Yahweh seems to differ on that assessment, even to the point of creating Angels who are also Men, then imbuing them with startling power.  There’s a significance there we should analyze more closely.”

          Mammon barks, “No Man can stand against me!

          Tilting my head, I retort, “No?  An ‘Iyr can.”




The (Major) First Ones

but there are other lesser

Lucifer isn't one of the First Ones,

but he rules The Second Heaven, also known as Hell.

He's one of The Seven Sins: Pride

Abaddon is Lucifer's 2nd, also not a First One,

he commands the Dark Ones, those who fell with Lucifer,

and the Fiery Pits of Hell.

The First Ones are listed in order of power,

from most powerful to least powerful



  1. Leviathan – Envy – the Commander of the First Ones left unchained, the most powerful Warring Prince and brother to Lucifer, with powers that rival his, he’s also filled with Pride.  Just like Lucifer, he can transform from his angelic form into a huge red dragon with seven heads and ten horns.  His elite troops, numbering 40 legions, are the most powerful of all the troops of the Warring Princes.  They’re like dragons, with three heads on long necks, black as night with glistening scaled armor, physically extremely powerful, agile, lightning fast and fly, wielding Swords of Spite, long, thin and sharp as obsidian glass, with the power to cut deep if they connect and freeze a large area around where they cut.  They also have blasts of ice and a battle cry that makes the blood feel as if it's freezing in your veins.  They go among Men inciting Envy and Jealousy, working closely with Gluttony’s and Wrath’s troops to corrupt Men.

  2. Aamon HaSatan – Wrath – a Warring Prince who can transform from his angelic form into a monstrous version of one of his warriors.  He has 40 legions each carry two long, curved Swords of Wrath, with double pommel-blades.  They’re deadly, imbued with the power to burn to the bone when they cut.  They have fiery blasts that come from both their hands and mouths.  They also have a Death Scream that makes you feel like you’re on fire, nothing but the sheer will of their opponents can endure the torment.  At least their effect is short-lived and ends when they die.  They go among Abaddon’s Ravagers, inciting them to greater hatred and violence, as well as among Men inciting all sorts of violent strife and murder.

  3. Mammon – Greed – a Warring Prince who can transform from his angelic form into a huge lanky demon with a large, gaping mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and extremely long arms ending in huge hands with long, thin fingers having hooked talons for nails.  He has 40 legions wielding Glaives of Taking, double-edged, hooked and spiked blades on both ends, imbued with the power to pull strength and life from an opponent when they connect a blow and impart those to the glaive’s wielder.  They go among Men fostering a fixation on acquisition, a constant thirst to obtain whatever is desired that’s never quenched.  They work with the troops of Gluttony, Lust, Envy and Wrath, enhancing the abilities of those troops, as well as working directly on Men.

  4. Asmodeus – Lust – a Non-warring Prince who can transform from his angelic persona into any shape that serves his purpose, all usually beguiling to his target in some way.  He has 40 legions of ravishingly beautiful, seductive troops he calls his 'children' that visit Abaddon’s Beguilers to enhance their abilities, but primarily visit Men, often when they’re sleeping.  Men know them as succubi and incubi, fauns, nymphs and sirens.  None carry weapons and Asmodeus has no personal guard, but they all have the power to cast sleep filled with vivid dreams through their use of ethereal songs.

  5. Beelzebub – Gluttony – a Non-warring Prince, 3rd of the Triumvirate of Hell, which includes Lucifer 1st, then Leviathan 2nd.  He can transform from his angelic shape into a giant swarm of stinging flies.  He’s the most loyal to Lucifer of the First Ones.  He has 40 legions, one with swords and shields used as a personal guard, thirty-nine without weapons who wander among Men influencing them to partake in all forms of Gluttony, giving Men a hunger that’s constant, making Men feel as if they never have enough of whatever it is they desire.  They work closely with Mammon’s troops to enhance Greed, Leviathan’s troops to enhance Envy and Jealousy, and Asmodeus' children to cause sexual addiction.

  6. Belphegor – Sloth – a Non-warring Prince who can transform from his angelic form into an extremely large version of his ‘children’, but he never does, he considers it too much effort.  He has 40 legions, one with spears and shields used as a personal guard, thirty-nine with no weapons who wander among Men influencing them to waste their lives in all sorts of frivolous behaviors.  He also calls his troops his 'children' like his best friend Asmodeus.  They sometimes work with Gluttony’s troops to enhance fixation and Lust’s children to prolong interaction, but primarily work directly on Men, where their influence is highly contagious, passing swiftly from Man to Man.


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