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The Baby in the Trunk

Complete Collection

(The Hosha'na of 'Iyr Book 1)


          “Perceptions shape us, even as they shape the World around us, this can be either a blessing or a curse.”


          Everyone has plans, some have plans so integral to everything they are, those plans are the reason their hearts beat, it's not a plan to them, it's their entire belief system, and everything they do operates according to it.  They'll do anything they determine is necessary to protect that belief system, because it's their religion; past logic or even reason, that belief system is their bedrock, it is their faith.

          A Girl Friday, Lyss Oplityre, is suddenly thrust into the middle of some world-changing plans carefully set in motion by people of influence and determined urgency, powerful people she's never known much about.  Pushed into the unknown by inscrutable forces she has no control over, unprepared and unenlightened, she begins an adventure full of improbable occurrences that throw her into the thick of international political intrigue.

          Adding to it all, as if everything wasn't already unreal enough, Lyss is shocked when her dearest childhood fantasy suddenly walks in and insists on staying.  How does she deal with that, while racing through Russia on no less than a mission to save the world?  Good grief!  She's just a secretary!  Things like this don't happen to ordinary people!  No, they don't, Lyss, but why do you think you're ordinary?

          Dreams pale beside this new reality, as Lyss and her mission affect the lives of a diverse roster of individuals with their own dreams and their own ideas about how reality should work.

          This is the beginning chronicle of how two very remarkable people met and together set out on a wild attempt to save the world.  There was no contingency plan for Mr. Alvarez and those working with him, Lyss was it.


All three books


The Baby In The Trunk


are included here

under one cover:


...And Then A Dream Walks Up...

Book 2:

What We Want

Book 3:


This series is the Prequel to

The Hosha'na Of 'Iyr Compilation

About The Baby In The Trunk Series


          The story in these three books occurs in its entirety before the 'Iyr are revealed beginning with Revelation 1, Death and Rebirth, which is Book 1, of the Revelation Series.  The three books that comprise The Baby In The Trunk Series serve as a Prequel to The Hosha'na Of 'Iyr Compilation, and present the introductory saga of the main protagonists, Lyss and Ethan, who are featured throughout the entire compilation in the 'Iyr's evolving story.

          The Baby In The Trunk Series is primarily an improbable love story between Lyss and Ethan, mixed with world-shattering political intrigue and an explosive ending that's certain to surprise you.

          If romance mixed with adventure and intrigue is what you're after, The Baby In The Trunk Series is sure to have what you want.  However, if you want to go right into the adventures of the 'Iyr, there's a brief synopsis of these three books at the beginning of Revelation 1, Death and Rebirth.


Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoy all my books! - SFWhite


The next book series in the compilation is titled Revelation.

The 1st book in the Revelation series is titled

Revelation 1 The Hosha'na Of 'Iyr: Death and Rebirth

Ethan's Song

In This Life - Collin Raye

In This LifeCollin Raye
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